Airtac Air Relief Valves

Shop for the GZ series of pneumatic manual shut-off pressure relief valves by Airtac. These 3/2 way manual control valves are designed to shut off upstream pressure and to relieve downstream pressure. Choose from the following port sizes: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". An additional mounting bracket is needed when used in conjunction with an FRL unit.

Product Features:
1. It is module design and can be used with G series F, R, L combination by bracket (must be purchased separately)
2. This valve can be used an manual 3/2 way valve.
3. The working indication mark (EXH/SUP) can be checked by eyes.
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This valve meets the standard on installation conducted by operator specified by OSHA. When the machinery is maintained and serviced, the purge valve (safe on-off valve) for remaining pressure shall be used to eliminate the remaining pressure when the air source is cut off. During this operation, the unconscious operation of a third part will cause pressurizing of the end of the pipeline and sudden machinery actuation of cylinder and other devices, which will cause operator injuries. Therefore, it is stipulated that all the operations for this aim must be added with a lock to prevent the operator injuries caused by unconscious operation of a third part.

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