icotek Control Panel Accessories

For easy assembly of icotek cable entry devices and EMC products, as well as for your cable management needs, please try icotek enclosure accessories.

Prefabricated enclosure base plates and module plates with standard cut-outs for our KEL cable entry systems enable a quick and easy install. We designed these base plates for Rittal TS8 enclosures, but we do offer other sizes on request. Various flanged plates that fit e.g. on AE compact enclosures, KL junction boxes or BG bus enclosures by Rittal let you easily mount our cable entry devices at your enclosure wall.

We also offer other enclosure accessories like supports for mounting rails, bus bars as well as reusable hook-and-loop cable ties and suitable holders.

You can find the right solution for your application with icotek enclosure accessories.

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