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Finder Relays with Forcibly Guided Contacts

Shop for Finder Series 7S relays with forcibly guided contacts. These safety relays are also known as relays with forced contacts, positively activated contacts, guided contacts, and linked contacts.

Finder Series 7S adheres to the EN 50205 safety standard Type A which means that all the contacts are forcibly guided.

This specific type of relay ensures that the normally closed and normally open contacts can never be closed at the same time. For example, if a NO contact fails when trying to open, the associated NC contact cannot close when the power supply is switched off.

Features of the 7S series:
2 pole (1NO + 1 NC), 4 pole (2 NO + 2 NC and 3 NO + 1 NC) or 6 pole (4 NO + 2 NC)
For railway applications
35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount, 22.5 mm wide

Download the Series 7S Data Sheet

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