Leuze Protective Sensor Sets

Plug & Play for efficient access guarding

If you want to easily and quickly implement access guarding with reduced logistical work, Leuze protective sensor sets are a reliable solution. The components are electronically and mechanically optimized to one another and are equipped with connectors to ensure fast start-up of the Plug & Play solutions.

Choose the MLDSET series for access guarding with material traffic. This muting system has access guarding with 2 and 3 beam MLD transceiver devices and is pre-mounted in Leuze electronic Device Columns.

When single and multiple-side access guarding is needed, choose the MLD-UDC series. The MLD 500 transceiver or transmitter-receiver system offers a different number of beams and ranges. Pre-mounting in device columns facilitates the installation into the most diverse constructional systems even when used in combination with deflecting mirror columns. These are suitable for single and multiple-sided access guarding.

For detecting hands and fingers, choose the MLS-USC series. In addition to using the MLC 500 safety light curtain as an optical protective device, these sets also include device columns in which the safety sensor is pre-mounted in such a manner that it can very easily be height-adjusted. The MLC sets are suitable for access safeguarding with hand and finger detection.

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