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Compatible with the following transmitter:
MLC500T30-300 | 68000303

In order to install this light curtain you will also need to purchase a safety relay, 2 connector cables, and two mounting bracket sets: safety relay, connection cables, and mounting brackets.

Application: Finger protection
Characteristic Parameter Type: 4,IEC/EN 61496
Resolution: 30 mm
Protective field height: 300 mm
Response time: 4 ms
Supply voltage: 24 V, DC, -20-20 %
Number of safety-related switching outputs (OSSDs): 2 Piece(s)
Safety-related switching output 1: Switching element Transistor, PNP
Safety-related switching output 2: Switching element Transistor, PNP
Type of connection: Connector
Thread size: M12
No. of pins: 8 -pin
Housing material: Metal, Aluminum
Lens cover material: Plastic (PMMA)
Degree of protection: IP 65
Function package: Transmission channel changeover, Start/restart interlock (RES), Contactor monitoring (EDM), Fixed blanking without tolerance, Fixed blanking without tolerance, can be activated/deactivated during operation, Fixed blanking with 1-beam tolerance, Integration of contact-based safety circuit Integration of electronic safety-related switching outputs MaxiScan, Floating blanking, can be changed to fixed blanking during operation, Reduced resolution, can be changed to fixed blanking during operation, Combination of floating/fixed blanking, can be changed to fixed blanking during operation, Timing controlled 2-sensor muting, Muting-timeout extension, Partial muting

Whenever you need additional control functions, the MLC 530 Extended version is the perfect choice. With its 5 different operating modes, the integrated muting function and 3 different scan modes, the sensor leaves almost nothing to be desired. Device linking enables the construction of 2-channel, contact-based safety circuits as well as serial connections of several devices with safety-related switching outputs (OSSD).

Integrated function for timing controlled muting for temporary proper bridging of the protective function, e.g. when transporting materials through the protective field
Fixed or floating beam blanking, reduced resolution: necessary whenever objects must be in the protective field for operational reasons
Different scan modes: to adjust availability, select SingleScan, DoubleScan or MaxiScan
Teaching without PC: configuration and teaching, e.g. of floating beam blanking, is quick and easy

Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Component Type Receiver
Field Height 300mm
Leuze mlc 500 Type 4 Safety Light Curtains
Leuze Product Series Leuze MLC 530 Receiver Extended Model with Blanking/Muting
Resolution 30mm - Hand Protection
Safety Level Type 4

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