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Staf Linear Bearings and Rails

Shop for Staf linear guides, also known as linear bearings. Staf linear bearings are non-caged with a broad range of rail lengths. Choose from size 12 (miniature), size 15, size 20 and size 25.

BGX Series, Non-Cage Type

BGX 4-Groove Even Load Design
The 4 rows of steel balls form a 45-degree contact with the grooves at 4 positions. This balances the load from all directions. Compared with the 2-groove Gothic design, the 4-groove construction is of better rigidity, accuracy, and life. In particular, the auto-adjust capability allows quick accurate linear motions by eliminating the deviation of the mounting planes and the assembly errors.

BGX Seal Design
The incursion of foreign objects is typically the major reason behind shortened life in rail systems. The accuracy of linear guides relies on the circulation of the steel ball between the slide and the rail. Even the incursion of the smallest objects into the slide can cause skipping and bumping which leads to permanent damage. The seal design is the key to linear slide quality. The seal design in BGX linear guides is included in both the top and bottom seals avoiding the incursion of the foreign objects.

BGX Oil Retaining in Circulation System
The BGX circulation system reserves space for retaining oil. When the linear slide moves, the oil inside lubricates and thus prolongs life.

MB series / Miniature

High-performance parts are trending, so OME Technology promotes research, development, and design of “micro linear guides.” Cage designs and ductile packing systems are miniaturized to provide high precision, low noise, and long lifetime.

1. Conforms to international specifications, so replacement is a breeze.

2. Special features, such as a built-in dustproof design, increase life.

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