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Macromatic Alternating Relays

Macromatic’s alternating relays are specially designed to manage and optimize loads. Whether running multiple loads or in standby situations with a backup load, this alternating relay ensures both loads are worked equally. In peak load times, alternating relays can be configured to energize multiple loads. In slow load times, the alternating relays can be configured to alternate between the main load and backup load to avoid atrophy issues.

The alternating action is facilitated by a control switch, typically a float or pressure switch. As the float or pressure switch opens, the initial load is turned off and the alternating load activated.

Alternating relays are most often used with pumps, compressors, and thermostats.

Macromatic offers several types of alternating relays for controlling different load situations:
Duplex: Two-load control
Triplex: Three-load control

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