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Airtac Mechanical Air Valves

Shop our selection of pneumatic mechanical valves and switches by Airtac. These directional control valves stop, start or change the direction of air flow via mechanical actuation. Actuator types include pushbutton, toggle, roller, handle and selector switch.

We currently offer the following series of control valves: M5 5/2 way, ZM3 3/2 way, S3 3/2 way, CM3 3/2 way and 5/3 way, and M3 3/2 way. Multiple port sizes available.

** When choosing thread type, please reference the following standards:
NPT - American standard taper pipe threads for general use
M - Metric screw threads M profile
Rp or G (BSPP) - British standard pipe (parallel) threads
PT - JIS taper pipe threads

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