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Programmable Logic Controllers

Kinco, by Lovato Electric, is a micro PLC, compact in size yet with excellent performance, suitable for the control and supervision of low and medium complexity automations.

Kinco is available for 24VDC, 24VAC, or 100-240VAC power supply and with 10 to 44 inputs and outputs.


Quick control board installation – Fewer number of components, Less wiring, Fewer number of connections

Repetitiveness – Less errors during panel building, Considerable time saving

Flexibility – Quick correction of abnormal conditions at final testing, Fast changes on control boards

PLCs are like the brains of industrial automation equipment. They control inputs and outputs behind the scenes making sure all is running as it should. PLC is short for programmable logic controller and it’s basically a computer designed to work in an industrial environment. It controls and monitors a number of inputs and outputs. However PLCs differ from normal computers in that a PLC is designed to run a single program in a sequential fashion.

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