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Airtac Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

Shop the HRQ series of pneumatic rotary table cylinders from Airtac. These rack and pinion actuators are available in the following bore sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 7mm, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, and 200mm.

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Product Features:
1. The rack and pinion design ensures stable functioning.
2. The double cylinder structure supports the double output.
3. The manufacturing precision of the working platform is high with precise orientation, which makes installation easier.
4. The center of the working platform has a through-hole, and the pipe can be located and passed through this hole.
5. Two sides of the cylinder have orientation holes which facilitate installation;
6. Two modes of a buffer can be chosen: adjustment bolt buffer and internal shock absorber. The maximum buffer energy of the internal shock absorber is 3-5 times that of the adjustment bolt buffer.
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