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TCI Line Reactors

To help safeguard your 6-pulse rectifiers and power conversion devices from harmonic distortion and voltage spikes, use a TCI line reactor. This electrical component controls the rise time of the current, thereby protecting sensitive components within a variable frequency drive (VFD). For multiple drive applications, it is recommended that the KDR line reactor be used on the VFD input.

TCI line reactors are durable and can be used on the output of the VFD as well. When installed between the VFD and motor, the KDR reactor will lessen voltage distortion at motor terminals minimizing motor stresses.

Total power factors are improved when using KDR line reactors:

  • Annoying tripping is reduced
  • Drive uptime is boosted
  • Power factor is increased
  • Reduces expensive downtime
  • Enhances the life of the drive
  • Safeguards delicate equipment

TCI has a wide range of line reactors from which to choose, including 0.25HP to 1500HP. The MA and AA frames are our newest TCI offerings and tout the smallest footprint in the industry. TCI line reactors are produced in Wisconsin with the highest quality materials and supported by a lifetime warranty for the life of the drive. All our open panel line reactors are UL Listed.

Learn more about line reactors on our TecTalk Blog: Why You Should Use a Line Reactor

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