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Power: 50 VA
Input Voltage (Primary Voltage): 208V - 240V - 480V
Output Voltage (Secondary Voltage): 24V
Length: 77 mm
Width: 85 mm
Height: 77 mm
Height with fuse: 97 mm
Approx. Weight: 2.65 lbs

Tecnomatic introduced Meth transformers to the US market 20 years ago. Meth SRL has designed and manufactured electric transformers since 1980. With 30 years of experience, Meth's focus has been on quality and performance.

Meth specializes in manufacturing single-phase electric transformers from 3.2VA to 80kVA and three-phase transformers from 100VA to 1000kVA. They're used for various applications from industrial and automation to photovoltaic and marine.

Additional Info

Brand Tecnomatic
Component Type Single Phase Transformer
Input Voltage 208-240-480V AC
Output Voltage 24V AC
Power 50VA
Tecnomatic Product Series Tecnomatic T1 Single Phase Transformers

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