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Trimantec’s technical communications team provides you with a well-researched library of product and industry information. Our aim is to break down and communicate technical concepts and relay them with clarity and accuracy. The team is dedicated to covering four primary areas of focus: industrial parts, electromechanical manufacturing, custom automation, and machining and fabrication.

As writers and content creators we ensure that you receive accurate, relevant and easy to follow written and visual material by conducting extensive research and consulting our mechanical and electrical engineers. Our goal is to be your trusted online manufacturing and engineering reference source.


Why Trust Us?

As an America manufacturer located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, our technical writers strive to create the same trust and transparency when writing and creating published material as we do with our manufacturing partners and clients. From the beginning of content creation to the very end, our authors seek to produce clear written material to inform and educate anyone interested in learning more about the manufacturing industry.

Our process involves:

  • Gathering recently published sources from trusted articles and industry research
  • Brainstorming collectively with editors and staff to ensure relevancy
  • Collaborating with our in-house technicians and engineers for accuracy
  • Consulting with our editor to warrant consistency and concise writing and design 


Technical Communications Team  

Ann McCallum-Boles, Marketing Director

LinkedIn Profile

Ann is a proud Trimantec employee of 6 years with a total of 15 years in the manufacturing industry. Her BA in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill and BS in Graphic Design from Guilford Technical Community College make her a key expert in content creation. She understands the writing, research and visual elements necessary for publishing quality material.

In addition to leading Trimantec’s marketing efforts, Ann also leads the web store team, from inside sales to purchasing to inventory. Through her years at Trimantec Ann has found a passion for ecommerce and strives to deliver the most user friendly experience possible. 

Despite being 29 years old (for the past 16 years), Ann has managed to earn her first degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys breaking boards and attempting to kick people in the head during class. When she's not honing her marital arts skills, Ann likes to organize the books in her library.


Ellie Piloso, Marketing Content Specialist

LinkedIn Profile

ellie piloso

Ellie is a recent graduate from North Carolina State University with a BA in English.

Before starting at Trimantec, Ellie worked as a content creation intern at a marketing agency in downtown Raleigh, NC. Prior to that she worked at a nano-tech research center at NC State where she grew passionate about marketing in the areas of textiles and wearable technology.

Ellie tries to stay up-to date with marketing and manufacturing trends to deliver relevant information.

In her spare time, Ellie trains at jujitsu and loves nothing more than bringing down men half her size. At home she relaxes by watching old episodes of Dexter.