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Our story begins with Billy Balthazar Burton as a happily employed machine technician at a fertilizer plant. More than happily employed – he was straight up passionate about his machines. You should also know that Billy was obsessed with the number three. Everything had to be in threes, or it just seemed off – and that really bothered him. Personality quirk or an undiagnosed case of OCD – who knows? But this is why everyone at the plant knew him as TriMan.

Each day TriMan would make exactly three rounds through the plant ensuring that his machines were in perfect working order. He was exceptionally good at his job. Almost too good. It was as if he could connect with the machines and feel their pain. TriMan never met a machine he couldn’t have purring like a kitten by the time he was finished with it. It was a little odd, but everyone knew to look for him if there was even the slightest hiccup with a piece of equipment. It also helped that he’d been working at the plant for almost 33 years. He could retire, but he loved his job too much.

On the eve of his 33rd work anniversary (which was obviously a big deal for TriMan), he stayed out a little too late celebrating with his three best friends. This is why he showed up to work the next morning with three energy drinks. His coworkers, fearing a caffeinated disaster, tried to dissuade him from drinking all three. Luckily, a new guy named Seth managed to swipe one of the energy drinks for himself. 

As TriMan began his rounds that morning, he noticed the missing drink. He tried to put it out of his mind, but by the end of his second round, he decided he needed to confront this Seth. TriMan found him trying to adjust an air cylinder. Great! He’s already broken a machine! He decided to intervene and impose some wisdom on the young man but was met with a defiant attitude. Seth threw up his hands and turned to leave. And then –

One minute TriMan was adjusting the air flow on the machine, and the next he was enveloped by a murky miasma of energy drink infused fertilizer.  Seth had set the drink on top of the machine, knocked it over, and spilled it into the fertilizer processing machine. This set off a chain reaction involving phosphorus, taurine, and guano (that’s right – bat poo). As the dust cleared, TriMan could make out Seth hightailing it towards the exit. Strangely, he could still hear the young man’s panicked gibberish even after he’d left the parking lot.

TriMan cleaned himself up, filed a report, and completed his rounds for the day.

The next morning TriMan awoke to the strangest buzzing sound in his ear. He didn’t know why, but his coffee also smelled incredibly strong. When he arrived at work, he was able to read some schematics on his desk before he even stepped foot in his office! As he made his rounds that day, he was baffled when the noise in his ear completely stopped as soon as he fixed an air valve on a machine.

Over the next few months, TriMan’s sense of smell, sight, and hearing skyrocketed. He was able to use his heightened senses to diagnose literally any machine problem. He could “hear” faulty valves, “see” pneumatic air flow, and “smell” malfunctioning electrical components. However, bit by bit, his senses of touch and taste were deserting him. At work, he could spot a problem in a heartbeat but was useless when it came to the mechanics. His numb fingers made it impossible to implement even the simplest of repairs. It was with a heavy heart that he finally came to the realization it was time to retire.

Yet he loved the manufacturing industry too much to turn away from it completely. He had a gut feeling he could use his three hijacked senses for good.

One evening, while dejectedly scanning the want ads, he came across a job opening for an industrial parts sales representative. Eureka! This was it! If he could no longer repair machines with his own hands, he could guide others instead. TriMan vowed then and there to dedicate his life to helping others build and repair manufacturing equipment.

It should come as no surprise to learn that TriMan joined the team at Trimantec. Something just clicked…and that brings us to today. You’re all caught up on Billy Balthazar Burton’s journey from passionate machine technician to the passionate industrial parts sales rep for Trimantec.

And just in case you’re wondering whatever happened to that Seth guy, he’s still around. Every now and then TriMan will hear him breaking another machine. But TriMan takes care of it because that’s what he does…