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Solenoid Air Valve 3V21006NCFT -

The Airtac 3V200 valve series is a functional replacement for the SMC SYJ500 series.

Product Features:
1.Pilot-oriented mode: internally piloted;
2.Structure in sliding column mode: good tightness and sensitive reaction;
3.Double control solenoid valves have memory function;
4.Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life;
5.No need to add oil for lubrication;
6.Affiliated manual devices are equipped to facilitate installation and debugging;
7.Several standard voltage grades are optional;
8.Integrate with the manifold to save installation space.

Additional Info

Acting Type Piloted Normally Closed
Airtac 3v Solenoid Air Valve 3/2 Way
Airtac Product Series Airtac 3V Solenoid Air Valve 3/2 Way
Brand Airtac
Coil Voltage1 DC 12V
Component Type Solenoid Valve
Electrical Entry Terminal
Pilot Type Internal
Port Size 1/8 inch
Thread Type NPT
Valve Type Single Solenoid 3 Port (3 Way) 2 Position

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