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Solenoid Air Valve 3V308NCCT -

The Airtac 3V3 valve series is a functional replacement for the SMC VT317 series.

Product Features:
1. Direct acting type and normally closed mode, flexible in direction change
2. No need to add oil for lubrication
3. Affiliated manual devices are equipped to facilitate installation and debugging
4. Several standard voltage grades are optional
5. Normally closed and normally open types are optional
6. Structure in coaxial blandiong mode; leakage proof and large air flow

Additional Info

Acting Type Direct Acting Normally Closed
Airtac 3v Solenoid Air Valve 3/2 Way
Airtac Product Series Airtac 3V Solenoid Air Valve 3/2 Way
Brand Airtac
Coil Voltage1 AC 110V
Component Type Solenoid Valve
Electrical Entry Terminal
Port Size 1/4 inch
Thread Type NPT
Valve Type Single Solenoid 3 Port (3 Way) 2 Position

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