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The Airtac GV air prep series is a functional replacement for the SMC AV series.

Product Features:

Soft start-up valve is used to input compressed air into pneumatic system slowly and has the effect of safety and protection. Air intake is connected with input P of Soft start-up valve. If coil is energized, the 3/2 way valve opens. At this time, air comes to output A through throttle valve, which increases the pressure of the system gradually; when the output pressure is equal to half of the input pressure, soft start-up valve completely opens and the flow reaches the highest value. When the coil is de-energized, air intake P closes, the air returns to R orifice through reflux valve and is quickly exhausted. The pressure of the system falls to zero, which protects the whole system.

Additional Info

Airtac gv Soft Start Valve
Airtac Product Series Airtac GV Soft Start Air Valve
Brand Airtac
Coil Voltage1 DC 12V
Component Type Soft Start Valve
Electrical Entry Terminal
Gauge Shape Circular
Port Size 1/4 inch
Scale MPa
Thread Type PT

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