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Airtac HLS cylinders are a functional replacement for the SMC MXS series cylinders.

Pneumatic cylinder / double-rod / double-acting
HLQ series

Product features:

1.Recirculating linear ball bearing,it achieves high precision,high rigidity,with antirust and dustproof function.

2.Through hole for body mounting.

3.Pin holes positioning Improved repeatability of work mounting.

4.Floating joint design Piston rod needn't endure additional torque.

5.Dual rod-doubles the outpute thrust.

6.Pin holes for positioning Improved repeatability of body mounting.

7.Body mounting holes Provide 3 mounting positions.

Additional Info

Acting Type Double Acting
Adjuster Option Adjustable Rubber Stopper - Retraction
Airtac hls Slide Table Actuator Roller Bearing
Airtac Product Series Airtac HLS Slide Table Actuator Roller Bearing
Bore Size 25mm
Brand Airtac
Component Type Guided Air Cylinder
Magnet With Magnet
Stroke Length 100mm
Thread Type PT

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