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Airtac RMS cylinders are a functional replacement for the SMC CY3B series cylinders.

Product Features:

1.This magnetic cylinder is basically a pneumatic rodless cylinder featuring a mobil piston fitted with annular magnets. The mobile carriage is also equipped with magnets to provide coupling (carriage/piston). The carriage slides freely along the main tube.
2.It is dust-proof as the isolation between the carriage and piston.
3.It is compact.
4.The non adjustable rubber bumbers and the adjustable pneumatic cushioning on both ends of the cylinder ensure smooth action.

Additional Info

Acting Type Double Acting
Airtac rms Rodless Magnetic Air Cylinder
Airtac Product Series Airtac RMS Rodless Magnetic Air Cylinder
Bore Size 32mm
Brand Airtac
Component Type Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder
Stroke Length 350mm
Thread Type PT

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