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This 6 digit pneumatic counter by Control Line is ideal for applications that require up to 300 counts per minute. The AC-6 totalizing counter comes standard with a manual reset.

In between inputs, a pneumatic signal is exhausted to atmosphere which advances the count one digit at a time. The counter is used for cycle counting, part counting or event recording. It can be used for applications where electrical or mechanical drives are impractical, or the environment prohibits the use of other types of counting devices. The count will be maintained until the counter is reset.

MAXIMUM COUNT SPEED: 300 counts per minute
TYPE: six digit "count-up" totalizer
MOUNTING: thru hole base mounting - orientation is not critical
RESET: manual reset knob returns display to zero
WEIGHT: 14 ounces
CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: anodized aluminum, case hardened steel and acetal plastic

Additional Info

Brand Control Line
Component Type Pneumatic Counter

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