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Finder Relay interface modules

6.2mm or 14mm wide
DC or AC/DC coil versions
Special coil / input leakage current suppression types
Timer version
Screw and screwless terminals

Finder's Series 38 interface modules come pre-assembled with Series 34 relays and Series 93 sockets. Shop for replacement relays and sockets in our webstore

Additional Info

Amperage 6A
Brand Finder
Coil Voltage1 AC/DC 24V
Component Type Relay Module
Contact Form SPDT
Contact Material AgNi
Finder series 38 Relay Interface Modules (EMR or SSR) 0.1-2-6-8A
Finder Product Series Finder Series 38 Relay Interface Module
For solid state relays and electromechanical relays > finder series 38 Relay Interface Modules (EMR or SSR)
Package Quantity 10 Pack, Single

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