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Series: GF
Operating principle: Throughbeam principle
Area of application: Oil and chemical resistant
Opening angle: 65 degrees
Light beam exit: On face
Fiber core: Multiple fiber core, Mixed fiber configuration
Design: Cylindrical
Outer diameter: 4 mm
Fiber length: 500 mm
Fiber sheathing material: Silicone
Special design: Heat resistant

For applications with high temperature resistance, glass fiber optics are often used. The selection is made depending on the design of the fiber head and the sheathing material.

Wide variety of types of glass fiber optics
Mechanically robust metal sheathing designs, partially from corrosion-proof stainless steel
Use also possible at high temperatures
Special solutions for vacuum-sealed light feed-throughs

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Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Component Type Fiber Optic Sensor
Housing Material Glass
Length 500m
Leuze Product Series Leuze GF Glass Fiber Optics
Outer Diameter 4m
Sensing Method Throughbeam

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