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Series: 46C
Operating principle: Scanning principle with background suppression
Application: Object detection between the rollers of a roller conveyor
Operating range, white 90%: 0.01 - 1.2 m
Operating range, gray 18%: 0.015 - 1 m
Operating range, black 6%: 0.02 - 0.8 m
Operating range limit: 0.01 - 1.2 m
Light source: LED, Infrared
Switching frequency: 250 Hz
Response time: 2 ms
Protective circuit: Polarity reversal protection, Short circuit protected
Supply voltage: 10 - 30 V, DC
Number of digital switching outputs: 2
Output 1 switching element: Transistor, PNP
Output 1 switching principle: Light switching
Output 2 switching element: Transistor, PNP
Output 2 switching principle: Dark switching
Type of connection: Connector
Thread size: M12
Number of pins: 4-pin
Design: Cubic
Type of fastening: Via optional mounting device, Through-hole mounting
Operational controls: Multiturn potentiometer
Degree of protection: IP 67, IP 69K
Special design: Small light spot (S)

Sensor with special light spots necessary for certain applications. An especially narrow beam, e.g., for detection between the rollers of a roller conveyor or for structured backgrounds.

Greater functional reliability through special light spot
Infrared for use between metal rollers
Reliable detection of objects with colored structure in packaging and the wood working industry

Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Component Type Photoelectric Sensor Cubic
Connection M12 Plug
Housing Material Plastic
Leuze Product Series Leuze 46 Photoelectric Sensor Cubic
Operating Range 0.01-1.2 m
Sensing Method Diffuse with Background Suppression

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