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The ONE Unit - A revolution in air preparation

Pneumatic air preparation has been unchanged for many years until Metal Work introduced the ONE unit.Typically, the component parts of the air service unit are connected together e.g. Filter/regulator, shutoff valve, distribution manifold, slow start valve, dump valve and pressure switch. In this configuration, the assembly becomes quite cumbersome. Metal Work ONE improves on existing designs by remaining the same compact size regardless of the configuration.

Options available:

    • An adjustable pressure switch can be adjusted from the front of the ONE unit. LED indicators on the front of the unit show the switch status

    • Connection to the slow start (or electrical on/off valve) and from the pressure switch are via an industry standard M12 connector

    • The condensate drain can be either semi or fully automatic

    • Mounting holes are provided plus a mounting bracket is also available

    • The electrical on/off or slow start valve can also act as a dump valve to depressurize the system (A silencer is included at the bottom of the unit)

    • The inlet and outlet port size can be specified from 1/4" to 1" plus the threaded ports swivel to allow easy fitting to the supply and delivery pipework

    • Additional connection ports are provided (1/4"), one unregulated and two regulated

    • filtration can be either 20um or 5um

    • A blocked filter indicator tells you when the filter needs changing. Changing is carried out from the front of the ONE unit, as it is unscrewed the air supply is automatically cut off

    • The regulator can be either 0.5 to 2bar, 0.5 to 4bar, or 0.5 to 8bar

    • The manual on/off valve is padlockable plus there is an option of an electrical on/off valve

    • A slow start valve can be included within the ONE unit, adjustment is carried out from the front

    • The Metal Work ONE unit only needs to be accessed from the front for adjustments and servicing so it can be fitted in the corner of a control cabinet or in a restricted area

ONE is environmentally friendly:

    • Weighing in at less than 25% of a conventional service unit it reduces the amount of raw materials used.

    • The low power coil on the on/off and slow start valve reduce energy consumption.

    • When dissassembled, all component parts can be recycled.

    • Packaging is reduced to a minimum compared to buying a traditional solution.

Add all this to the space and cost savings the ONE unit provides and you can see why more companies are choosing the ONE from Metal Work Pneumatic.

Additional Info

Brand Metal Work Pneumatic
Component Type Combination FRL Unit

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