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Shop for the Murrelektronik 56642 I/O system -

Sensor supply US: 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), max. 200 mA (M12 female), short-circuit and overload protected
Type: for 3-wire sensors or mechanical switches, PNP
Input filter: 1 ms
Current consumption: max. 60 mA
LED display: US: sensor supply and internal supply voltage (green: OK); UA: actuator supply (green: OK)
Fieldbus: via internal system connection
Sensor-system/actuator supply: via internal system connection (max. 2x4 A)
I/O ports: M12 (female) 5-pole, A-coded
Protection: IP67
Mounting method: 4 hole screw mounting
Temperature range: 0 - 55 degrees Celcius (storage temperature -20 - 75 degrees Celcius)
Dimensions H x W x D: 151.5x115.5x35.5 mm
Actuator supply (8xM12 left side): 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), via 7/8" male (max. 1 x 9 A)
Actuator supply (8xM12 right side): 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), via 7/8" male (max. 1 x 9 A)
Switching current per output (8xM12 left): max. 0.5 A (short-circuit and overload protected)
Switching current per output (8xM12 right): max. 0.5 A (short-circuit and overload protected)
Lamp load (8xM12 left): 10 W
Lamp load (8xM12 right): 10 W
PIN 2 (8 x M12 left side): Input/output/diagnostic
PIN 4 (8 x M12 left side): Input/output
PIN 2 (8 x M12 right side): Input/output/diagnostic
PIN 4 (8 x M12 right side): Input/output
Communication status: via LED
Diagnostic via LED: per module and channel
Diagnostic via BUS: per module and channel
Monitoring - under voltage: yes
Monitoring - no voltage: yes
Short circuit and overload: yes
Actuator warning: per channel via LED and BUS

Murr Elektronik Cube67 series is an IP67 rated, fully distributed I/O system with proven reliability in industrial applications. It can connect up to 32 I/O modules within a 60m range. Cube67 supports multiple protocols including Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, ProfiBus and ProfiNet. Bus nodes have an integrated Power-T as well as communication switch connections, giving you the ability to daisy chain multiple devices together with other items on the bus network.

IP67 rating
Up to 1024 I/O connections
Ethernet/IP with built in web browser
Pin level diagnostics
Short circuit and overload protection
Robotic rated system cable with power and communication
Integrated Ethernet switch
Integrated Power-T
Max. 16 modules per segment or 32 per node
Max. 30 m cable connections/segment or 60 m/node

Additional Info

Brand Murrelektronik
Component Type Expansion Module
Inputs 32
Material Plastic
Murr Product Series Murrelektronik Cube67
Output Type PNP
Outputs 32

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