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Shop for the Murrelektronik 7000-42251-0000000 I/O system -

Form: 42251
Operating voltage: max. 24 V AC/DC
Operating current per contact: max. 4 A
Locking of ports: Screw thread M12 x 1 mm (recommended torque 0.6 Nm) self-securing
Protection: IP67 inserted and tightened (EN 60529)
Locking material: Zinc die casting, matte nickel plated
Material: PUR
Shielded: yes
Application: Current /voltage converter
Rated surge voltage: 0.8 kV
Temperature range: -25 - 85 degrees Celcius
Test isolation voltage: 0.8 kVrms

Murr Elektronik MVK Metal - Compact I/O Modules for demanding requirements
Tough and reliable. Safe (safety circuits according to EN 13849-1 up to PL e). PROFINET - versions compliant with AIDA.
MVK Metal features a robust metal housing and is extremely resistant to vibration, media, and weld splatter. Double valves occupy only one M12 port.. PROFINET versions with Fast Start Up (< 500 ms). Models with multi-functional I/Os. Fewer variations required, minimizes inventory costs. Maximum flexibility for expansions.
MVK Metal's diagnostic options offer detailed information about the type and location of the failure or the error. Only the affected port shuts down, not the whole module. Detailed message sent to controls and device LED. Minimizes downtime - failures are fixed faster.

Additional Info

Brand Murrelektronik
Component Type Adaptor
Murr Product Series Murrelektronik MVK Metal

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