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Shop for the Murrelektronik 55037 I/O system -

PIN 1: AS-Interface (brown)
PIN 2: 0 V (blue)
PIN 3: AS-Interface - (blue)
PIN 4: 24 V (brown)
PIN 5: n.c.
Operating voltage: max. 36 V DC
Total current: max. 4 A
Test isolation voltage: AS-Interface/Power 200 V, (EN 60664-1)
Protection: IP67
Mounting method: DIN-rail mountable (EN 60715) or screw fixing
Temperature range: -20 - 60 degrees Celcius (storage temperature -40 - 80 degrees Celcius)
Dimensions H x W x D: 90x74x30.5 mm

With MASI67, Murrelektronik provides an optimized installation system for mechanical engineering. The potted I/O modules are extremely resistant to mechanical influences such as vibration and shocks, and are sealed to meet industrial requirements. Having two outputs in one M12 port reduces valve installation by as much as 50 %.

One module switches off two circuits
Active and passive components
Flat cable can be inserted multiple times

Additional Info

Brand Murrelektronik
Component Type Installation Technology
Murr Product Series Murrelektronik MASI

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