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Air Logic

We recently provided insight into the AirTAC brand and before that we covered HMIs and preventive maintenance. These posts discussed modern pneumatic parts, data, and process flow. While increasingly prominent, we didn’t want to overlook air, which is arguably the oldest process of manufacturing control. Read on for a brief covering of Air Logic and a […]

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Who is AirTAC

Are you familiar with AirTAC? Their entrance into the U.S. brings new competition to the pneumatic component industry. BACKGROUND: AirTAC may be one of the most advanced pneumatic component manufacturers you’ve never used. They were founded in 1988 in Taiwan as a small manufacturer of solenoid valves. Over the last 27 years, they grew into one […]


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Understanding HMIs

An HMI is a frequently used component in the automation and manufacturing industries – but what does it do and why? Allow us to follow up our Preventive Maintenance post by highlighting a critical component in monitoring the vitals of manufacturing equipment and systems. WHAT IS AN HMI? HMI stands for Human Machine Interface. An HMI is an […]


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Preventive Maintenance

Do you have an effective maintenance plan in place? Allow us to shine some light on the pros and cons of preventive maintenance. WHAT IS PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Preventive maintenance is equipment and facilities maintenance planned in advance for the purpose of improving equipment longevity, avoiding parts failure, and reducing downtime. Activities include the scheduling and […]

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Over-Molding for Electrical Assemblies

Over-molding is the process of surrounding a component with plastic. In the case of electrical assemblies, plastic resin is injected around critical electrical connections under controlled conditions. The over-molding of cables improves their overall longevity and reliability, and oftentimes reduces the total cost of ownership. KEY ATTRIBUTES: Over-molding creates a product that is highly robust […]


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What is a Wire Harness? | Wire Harness Assemblies 101

Are you wondering if a custom wire harness is right for your product? Look no further, we’ve got the answers you need. What is a wire harness? A wire harness, often referred to as a cable harness or wiring assembly, is a systematic and integrated arrangement of cables within an insulated material. The purpose of […]


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