Leuze Safety Controllers

Leuze safe control components work in conjunction with Leuze safety sensors.  It is the efficient and reliable integration of safety sensors in the machine safety circuit that allow safety at work solutions to achieve the best-possible protection without interfering in the processes.

Safety relays allow for the fast integration of individual safety sensors in the safety circuit of machines and systems. Models are tailor-made for specific applications or can be used universally. Choose from devices with time delay, for rotational speed/standstill monitoring and contact extensions. Available with screw or spring-cage terminals.

Programmable safety PLCs offer efficient solutions for integrating multiple safety sensors in machines and systems. Benefits include: space saving design, optional Ethernet interface, and optional extension modules.

AS-Interface (AS-i) excels with its low installation, wiring and connection costs. The simple retrofit ability of the safety technology with larger AS-i systems can further greatly reduce installation costs.

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