Airtac Pneumatic Flow Controllers

Shop for air flow control valves by Airtac. These pneumatic speed controllers are used to reduce the rate of flow in a section of a pneumatic system, resulting in slower actuator speed. Air flow is regulation in one direction only, allowing free flow in the opposite direction. The 2 elbow versions include meter-out and meter-in options. We also carry a straight (inline) version.

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1. The silencer is small size, and light weight with small installation space.
2. Excellent flow characteristics, high sensitivity and easy to adjust.
3. The silencer brass body adopts a specal nickel-plating procecss, which has a good corrosion resistance and anti-pollution property.
4. Anti-drop structure is designed on the regulation rod.
5. The sealant being coated on threaded portion can ensure no leakage of the threaded connection part.
6. The inserting direction of universal speed controller can be adjusted in 360 degrees.

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