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Lovato B Series: Electrical Contact Set – 11G383


Contacts set, 3 or 4 pole set complete with allen screws and key for contact replacement, B250


B Series Features

– 3 frame sizes offering 11 different contactors
– Coil operates indifferently on AC or DC supply voltage
– Coil with low in-rush and holding
– Coil removable without disconnecting power wiring
– Red indicator when contactor is energised
– Unique right-angle magnet design – limits contact bounce
– Safety feature prevents contactor to be energised without arc chute in place and locked
– Convertible auxiliary contact block (2NO + 1NC or 1NO + 2NC), maximum of 4 blocks per contactor for a total of 12 contacts
– Contactor terminals with bolt, washer and nut
– Simple horizontal or vertical interlock
– Positive (force) guided contacts (mechanically-linked per IEC)
– Three-pole contactors, 150A to 630A IEC AC3 duty
– Four-pole contactors, 250A to 1600A IEC AC1 duty
– 100 to 500HP 600V UL/CSA
– Coils with AC/DC supply
– Screw termination.

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