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Solenoid Air Valve 7V0520J04C200 -

7V Series Product Features:
1. Terminal electrical entry with switchable horizontal and vertical insertion modes.
2. Inner exhaust structure which can collect pilot airflow, and then exhaust intensively from R, S port.
3. Die-cast molding with aluminum alloy for body. The shape of cavity is reasonable, which can increase valve's flow.
4. Threaded type and quick connector type are optional. Integrate manifold to form valve group and save space.

Additional Info

Acting Type Piloted
Airtac 7v Solenoid Air Valve 5/2 Way and 5/3 Way Manifold Series
Airtac Product Series Airtac 7V Solenoid Air Valve 5/2 Way and 5/3 Way
Brand Airtac
Coil Voltage1 AC 110V
Component Type Solenoid Valve
Electrical Entry Terminal
Port Size 4mm Tube
Valve Type Double Solenoid 5 Port (4 Way) 2 Position

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