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Series: ASM1
System reaction time: 40 ms
Readiness delay: 10 ms
Number of safety monitors per AS-Interface network: 4
Number of safety monitors, additional text: With maximum 31 integrated AS-Interface slaves
Protective circuit: Short circuit protected, Polarity reversal protection
Supply voltage: 24 V, DC, -15 - 15 %
Supply voltage: 18.5 - 31.6 V
Number of digital switching inputs: 2
Number of safety-related switching outputs (OSSDs): 1
Number of digital switching outputs: 1
Switching voltage, typ: 22 V
Voltage type: DC
Interface type: AS-Interface Safety at Work, RS 232
Number of connections: 2
Connection 1: Screw terminal
Function: AS-i interface, Voltage supply, Signal IN, Signal OUT
Connection 2: RJ45
Function: Configuration interface
Type of display: LED
Degree of protection: IP 20, Only suitable for use in electrical operating rooms/cabinets with IP 54 minimum degree of protection.
Certification: AS-i, c TUV Rheinland US, TUV Rheinland, c UL US
Functions: Service button for manual error unlocking and automatic device swap-out of the safe AS-i slaves, Status LED display for AS-Interface communication, OSSD, start/restart interlock, protective mode, errors, System signal output, Programmable logic operators, system statuses, STOP 0 / STOP 1, Start/restart interlock (RES), selectable, Dynamic contactor monitoring (EDM), selectable, Monitoring modules with contact-simultaneity monitoring, Activation/deactivation of function modules, Support of AS-Interface A/B technology, Diagnostics data transfer via AS-Interface, Error unlocking via AS-Interface
Number of configurable function modules: 32
Number of programmable logic operators, OR (inputs): 2

For monitoring of standstill and low speed, up to SIL 3 / SILCL 3 and cat. 4 / PL e, inputs for proximity switches and HTL-A/B incremental transmitters, adjustable speed limit/monitoring frequency of 0.1 to 99 Hz, automatic or manual reset, 2 release contacts (semiconductor), 2 signal contacts (semiconductor).

Safe monitoring of dynamic input signals
Adjustable monitoring frequency from 0.1 to 99 Hz for monitoring low speeds in setup mode
Pluggable screw or spring-cage terminals for simple installation and simple device exchange

Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Component Type AS-Interface
Connection Screw Terminal
Leuze Product Series Leuze ASM1 AS-i Safety Monitor

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