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Suitable for: BCL 3x series bar code reader, BCL 5xxi series bar code reader, BPS 3x series bar code positioning system, LSIS 4xxi series stationary 2D-code readers, BCL 3xxi series bar code reader, BCL 3xxi series bar code reader, deflecting mirror, Bar code positioning system, BPS 300i series, LxS light section sensors
Design of mounting device: Mounting system
Type of fastening, at system: For 16 mm rod, For 18 mm rod, For 20 mm rod
Type of fastening, at device: Clampable
Mounting device material: Metal
Tightening torque of the clamping jaws: 8 nanometers

Selection of mounting brackets for the simple and fast mounting of a sensor on the machine or system. Versions in galvanized material or stainless steel in different sizes for various sensors.

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Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Component Type Mounting Device
Leuze Product Series Leuze BT Mounting Bracket

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