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Series: 63
Principle of physics: Optical
Application: Detection of non-transparent labels
Label width: 2 mm
Label gap: 2 mm
Medium: Not transparent
Light source: LED, Infrared
Switching frequency: 10,000 Hz
Response time: 0.05 ms
Supply voltage: 10 - 30 V, DC
Number of digital switching outputs: 1
Switching element: Transistor, Push-pull
Switching principle: Switching signal on label
Type of connection: Cable
Cable length: 2000 mm
Mouth width: 3 mm
Mouth depth: 61 mm
Dimension: 11 mm x 30 mm x 80 mm
Housing material: Metal, Diecast zinc, chemically nickel-plated, PC, Plastic
Operational controls: Multiturn potentiometer
Degree of protection: IP 67
Certifications: c UL US

The chemically nickel-plated metal housing of this optical forked photoelectric sensor is ideal for applications in the Food and Beverage sector where it is critical that no paint chipping occurs. The flat fork enables installation in a groove directly at the dispensing edge to achieve - together with the short response time - a high dispensing accuracy. With a 3 mm mouth width and 60 mm mouth depth, the sensor is also very well suited for wide labels.

High switching frequency and short response time guarantee very good repeatability
Easy adjustment via lockable teach button or teach input
Slimline-design (reduced fork height) for installation directly at the dispensing edge
ALC (auto level control) function: maximum performance reserve via automatic online optimization of the switching threshold
Warning output for the display of teach or function errors

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Additional Info

Application Function Detection of Non-Transparent Labels
Brand Leuze
Component Type Forked Photoelectric Sensor
Connection 2000mm Cable Connection
Leuze Product Series Leuze GS 63 Forked Sensor for Label Detection

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