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Series: L10
Contact allocation: 2NC 1NO
Rated insulation volatage: 400 V AC, 500 V DC
Conventional thermal current, max: 10 A
Number of connections: 1
Number of cable entries: 1
Type of connection: Screw terminal
Type of cable entry: M20 x 1.5
Housing material: Plastic, Glass fiber reinforced (PPS), self-extinguishing
Switching principle: Slow-action contact
Approach actuation direction: 1 x top, 4 x side (90 degrees)
Locking type: Mechanical
Locking actuation: Manual unlocking by means of knurled nut
Actuation force (pull-out): 10 N
Manually delayed actuator release: Up to 10 seconds
Degree of protection: IP 67
Certifications: IMQ, c UL US
Functions: Locking device with manual locking and unlocking, Locking device with guard interlocking according to EN 1088, Integration in control circuits up to category 4 in accordance with EN ISO 13849

The compact and economical L10 Safety Locking Device reduces wiring through manual locking and releasing.

Particularly economical locking solution for rarely-used maintenance doors and applications without electrical control signals
Hardly any wiring and cabling costs due to manual locking and unlocking
6 different heavy duty actuators for the most diverse installation conditions

Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Component Type Safety Locking Device
Connection Screw Terminal
Contact Type 2 N.C/1 N.O.
Leuze Product Series Leuze L10 Safety Locking Device

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