Compatible with the following deflecting mirror:
MLD-M003-UDC-1600-S2 | 905068

Series: MLD-UDC
Type: 4, IEC/EN 61496
Operating range: 0.5-6m
Number of beams: 3 beams
Beam spacing: 400mm
Column height without foot: 1600 mm
Functions: Start/restart interlock (RES), selectable, Contactor monitoring (EDM), selectable, Timing controlled 2-sensor muting, Sequence controlled 2-sensor muting, Timing controlled 4-sensor muting, Muting-timeout extension, Alternative connection for second muting signal, Muting enable function, Partial muting
Special design: Integrated muting indicator

MLD 500 transceiver or transmitter-receiver systems with different numbers of beams and ranges which are pre-mounted in device columns facilitate the installation of the most diverse constructional systems even in combination with deflecting mirror columns. They are suitable for single- and multiple-sided access guarding.

Pre-mounted safety sensors in sturdy device columns
Configuration without PC via wiring in the switch cabinet
Extremely diverse access guarding systems with the addition of deflecting mirror columns
All columns with automatic resetting after mechanical impacts
Also for low-temperature applications down to -30 degrees Celcius

Additional Info

Beam Spacing 400mm
Brand Leuze
Column Height 1600mm
Component Type Safety Sensor Transceiver Set
Leuze Product Series Leuze MLD-UDC MLD 535 Safety Sensor/Transceiver Set Timing Controlled Muting
Number Of Beams 3
Operating Range 0.5-6 m
Safety Level Type 4

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