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BF Series Features

- Highly conductive auxiliary contacts
- Quick connect - snap on accessory mounting
- Distinct contact status indication
- Up to four auxiliary contacts can be mounted
- Mechanical interlock only 5mm deep
- Positive (force) guided contacts (mechanically-linked per IEC)
- Three-pole contactors, 9 to 150A IEC AC3 duty / 5 to 75HP 480V - 7.5 to 100HP 600V UL/CSA
- Four-pole contactors, 25 to 165A in AC1 duty
- Power factor correction contactors, 7.5 to 100kvar at 400V IEC / 9 to 110kvar at 480V UL/CSA
- Types with 2NO 2NC or 4NC main power poles
- Types for photovoltaic applications
- Highly conductive auxiliary contacts
- Coils with AC or DC supply
- Wide-range coils with electronic control for contactors from 40 to 150A AC3
- Low-consumption versions for control relays and 9-38A contactors in IEC AC3 duty.

Additional Info

Amperage 70A
Brand Lovato Electric
Coil Voltage1 AC 120V
Component Type Contactor
Lovato Product Series Lovato BF Series IEC Contactor
Number Of Poles 4

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