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Lovato Electric limit switches, including KXAL1, are designed and manufactured according to European standards for dimensions and operating characteristics.

The KX A operating heads can be used as spare parts for the K series limit switches or coupled with the KX C bodies to obtain complete limit switches in the required configurations.
The heads are made of metal and warrant sturdiness and operating reliability in all conditions. The shape of the coupling section with the body of the K series switches permits to orient the head in any 45 degree angle position while the initial lever and rod position can be adjusted 360 degrees at 15 degree angle positions. The head fixing to the body is achieved by the innovative locking bayonet mechanism so there is no need of tools. Tightening torque for eventual operating head actuator fixing is 0.8Nm/7lbin.

The LOVATO ELECTRIC limit switches have been designed to satisfy requirements comprising quick installation, easy wiring, simple setup, modularity, sturdiness and constant reliability. The body cover is hinged at the bottom and removable. The innovative locking bayonet mechanism permits to remove and reposition the operating head in the required configuration with no tools. The heads have axial rotation of 45 degrees . The auxiliary contact blocks are removable assuring remarkable wiring ease.

Additional Info

Actuator Type Adjustable Rod Lever
Brand Lovato Electric
Component Type Lever Arm
Lovato electric k series Plastic and Metal Limit Switches
Lovato Product Series Lovato K Series Limit Switch

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