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Form A (18 mm)
24 V DC ±25%
LED (yellow/green)
for pressure switches
Further cable lengths on request. Plastic housings with good resistance against chemicals and oils. The resistance to aggressive media should be individually tested for your application.

Form 18141

No./diameter of wires 5 €” 0.75 mm
Wire isolation PVC (bk num, gnye)
C-track properties 2 Mio.
Material (jacket) PUR/PVC (UL/CSA)
Outer 7.0 mm ±5%
Bend radius (moving) 15 €” outer
Temperature range (fixed) -30- 80 C
Temperature range (mobile) -5- 80 C
Cable identification 628
Cable type 2 (PUR/PVC)
Approval (cable) UL (AWM-Style 20549/1731), CSA; CE conform
Cable weight [g/m] 92,40
Material (wire) Cu wire, bare
Resistor (core) max. 26 Ohm/km (20 C)
Single wire (core) 0.15 mm
Construction (core) 42 €” 0.15 mm (multi-strand wire class 6)
Diameter (core) 5 €” 0.75 mm
AWG similar to AWG 18
Material (wire isolation) PVC
Material property (wire isolation) CFC-, cadmium-, silicone- and lead-free
Shore hardness (wire isolation) 43 ±5 D
Wire- incl. isolation 1.8 mm ±5%
Color/numbering of wires bk, numbered, gnye longitudinally striped
Stranding combination 5 wires twisted around central filler
Shield no
Material (jacket) PUR/PVC
Material property (jacket) CFC-, halogen-, cadmium-, silicone- and lead-free, matt, low-adhesion, machine easy to process, abrasion-resistant, hydrolysis and microbial resistant
Shore hardness (jacket) 80 ±5 A (PVC-under jacket); 85 ±5 A (PUR-jacket)
Outer- (jacket) 7.0 mm ±5%
Color (jacket) black
chemical resistance good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
Nominal voltage UL 300 V AC
Test voltage 2 000 V AC
Current load capacity to DIN VDE 0298-4
Temperature range (fixed) -30- 80 C
Temperature range (mobile) -5- 80 C
Bend radius (fixed) 10 €” outer
Bend radius (moving) 15 €” outer
No. of bending cycles (C-track) max. 2 Mio. (25 C)
Traversing distance (C-track) max. 5 m (horizontal)
Travel speed (C-track) max. 3.3 m/s
Acceleration (C-track) max. 5 m/s
Jacket Color black

Operating voltage 24 V DC ±25%
Operating current per contact max. 4 A
Locking of ports M3 (recommended torque 0.4 Nm)
Housing Black plastic (gray on request)
Protection IP67 inserted and tightened (EN 60529)

Temperature range -25- 85 C, depending on cable quality

country of origin CZ
customs tariff number 85444290
EAN 4048879189750
eClass 27279218
Packaging unit 1

Additional Info

Component Type Valve Plug

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