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Input voltage: 10 - 32 V AC/12 - 42 V DC
Input current: max. 3 A
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Input fuse (internal): 6.3 A (T)
Mounting method: DIN-rail mountable TH35 (EN 60715)
Temperature range: -20 - 60 degrees Celsius, no condensation
Output voltage: 5 - 35 V DC (SELV), Uout-max. = Uin -5 V
Output current: max. 3.5 A
Ripple: max. 300 mVrms
Output fuse: short-circuit protected

Voltages in control systems often have to be converted. The DC/DC converters in the MDD series do this perfectly! It doesn't matter if you need 5, 10, 12 or 24 volts - Murrelektronik has the right product. If there is only AC voltage available, the NG rectifier series can convert into DC voltage. All models can be conveniently mounted in the control cabinet on DIN rail.

Murrelektronik Converters/Rectifiers Advantages:
Compact design
Galvanic separation
Switch mode models

Additional Info

Brand Murrelektronik
Component Type Converter
Murr Product Series Murrelektronik NT

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